When creating a job offer on, the following options are available concerning the salary:

To be discussed,

Based on experience,

Base salary + commission, etc.

Which option is best?

Here is our reflection on the subject.

We asked employers to tell us why they chose not to display the salary in their offer. Here are the reasons they shared:

“I do not want my current employees to see what I am offering to recruit!”

If your employees can see the offer, it is most likely because they are on a job site. What you should in fact be worried about is why they are there in the first place. Are they unhappy in your business? Sooner or later, they will find out what salary you are offering new candidates. If that salary is better than their current one, it may be the reason they wish to leave your business. Before taking on new employees, it is important to make sure that the ones you currently have are being properly compensated for their work.

“If the candidate is very good, I am willing to pay more!”

In this situation, we suggest you enter: Based on experience, between X and Y.

It will be up to you to set your limits, depending on the candidate’s experience and skills. Nothing commits you to pay the maximum. The reality is that the best qualified candidates are most likely currently working. Advertising a tempting salary may be the incentive they need to leave their current employeur and come to work for you!

“We are an independent garage, we are unable to offer the same salaries as a dealer”.

This is a myth! This trend was true a few years ago but things have changed quite a bit. Currently, car dealerships actually offer less than aftermarket companies! We can attest to this by comparing the offers published on If you are an independent garage, you can attract good candidates by posting the offered salary.

There are many good reasons to post the salary on you job offers:

  • Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) offer a better ranking for pay-for-sale offers!
  • You will avoid meeting candidates who are hoping for $ 34.00 / hour while your limit is $ 26.00. And unfortunately, it’s not your promise to offer them a free restaurant dinner once every 6 months that will convince them to accept your offer.
  • We are seeing higher rates of quality applicants on visible pay offers.

“Money talks!” For the past several years, candidates have been in a position of strength. Their priorities are, in order of appearance: salary, distance, vacation and benefits. You cannot control the distance, but as for the rest, the ball is in your court. Saying that you are looking for the “diamond in the rough” to join your “great team” and boasting a “pleasant work environment” will not be enough to help you get the sought after “diamond employee”. Instead, bet on the priorities mentioned above!

The current labor shortage is a result of the low wages that have been offered in the automotive industry for the past several years, even decades. Moving forward, you will need to offer much more than “A great opportunity!” if you want to convince a truly great candidate to come and work for you!