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In the Great Ontario EV Road Trip Part 2, two Star journalists head to the refineries and plants kickstarting the province’s clean revolution.

Star journalists drove a Tesla 2,300 km around northern Ontario, exploring the emerging EV supply chain from mine to refinery to battery plant to assembly.

The American Environmental Protection Agency should abandon its requirement that 60% of vehicles produced be electric vehicles by 2030. Canada, on the other hand, aims for 100% by 2035. Different Objectives In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to drop the requirement that 60% of vehicle production should be electric by […]

A shadow looms over the Volkswagen group as thousands of its luxury cars are stuck at American ports, accused of violating anti-forced labor laws. Unknown Origin: Illegal Part at Fault According to anonymous sources quoted by the Financial Times, the automotive group was unaware of the origin of an illegal part used in these cars. […]