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For 2022, the Lexus NX has been completely redesigned with new styling, tech and powertrain options. There are new fascias both front and rear, a vastly re-designed interior and specifically for the purposes of this review, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model to go along with the hybrid seen previously. That’s why there’s a “+” in […]

My friend Gerald Donaldson lives in Toronto, has a rustic cabin deep in the Ontario woods (“You can hear the wolves at night,” he said), writes for the website “F1” and lives and breathes Formula One, among other racing series. He’s written two dozen books on F1, from biographies of Gilles Villeneuve and James Hunt […]

The race to respond to our changing climate is on. Cities around the world are looking for innovative ways to reduce emissions, leverage new technology and encourage carbon-reducing lifestyles. The City of Toronto is no exception. In 2019, Toronto declared a climate emergency and has since adopted an aggressive target: reaching net zero emissions by […]

Electric vehicles are not fans of the cold. They don’t travel as far in winter temperatures, plus they need to keep their passengers warm, which uses up more of their battery range. The colder it gets, the more work the battery needs to do. Unlike with gas-powered vehicles, these cars also take longer to charge […]