Tesla has lowered prices for the Model Y in Canada.

Tesla recently reduced the prices of both base versions of the Model Y in Canada, offering buyers of the popular AWD Model Y a discount of $12,000 in Quebec.

The two-motor version of the electric SUV is highly sought after in Canada, so this decision could have a significant impact. In an overnight update to its online vehicle configurator, Tesla significantly reduced the price of the Model Y in Canada.

The rear-wheel drive (RWD) Model Y now starts at $53,990, a decrease of $4,000. The Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Long Range Model Y also received a price reduction of $4,000, now starting at $63,990.

The starting price of $54,000 is a new low for this popular model, eligible for a federal rebate of $5,000 and a provincial rebate of $7,000. More importantly, the Model Y AWD is now cheaper than $65,000, which also allows for the $12,000 discount in Quebec.

This new pricing policy could create high demand. Quebec residents are quickly turning to electric vehicles, but there is still a strong preference for all-wheel drive and increased range to handle difficult weather conditions.

Anticipating an increase in Model Y orders in Canada, particularly in Quebec, with this attractive new pricing. Consumers who were hesitant due to the price threshold for the Quebec incentive may now choose this electric SUV, stimulating the market.

Information sourced from Electrek.