Automotive news

Manual transmissions have pretty much gone the way of the dodo bird. They used to account for over half of all new car sales. That number has dropped to low single digits, as automatics not only offer more ease of driving, but with more ratios – up to 10 speeds – they now often deliver […]

History hasn’t been kind to Chrysler over their decision to use the goodwill earned by their most popular brand to dress up their most lowly. The execrable “mall-rated” Dodge Caliber-based Compass and Patriot represent a low point in Jeep’s storied history and one best consigned to the scrap heap. So you’d think Ford would have […]

Mitsubishi Canada will be entering 2021 with an updated and refreshed Eclipse Cross that will bring to Canadian drivers a refined and more elegant design and retuned to provide greater handling and control. The new 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is part of Mitsubishi Motors larger transformation plans that will see a major transformation of the […]

It makes you wonder where the brains are in Formula One. Actually, now that I’ve looked at that line in print, I have come to the conclusion that there are no brains in F1. In just about every major league sport in the world, the league has medical staff on duty to determine if athletes […]