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While some may say Dec. 21 is too late to start your Christmas shopping, we’re pretty confident that most of those people talk one way, but act very differently ergo they’re just starting their shopping now, just like almost everyone else. As my esteemed colleague Norris McDonald says: December 25th just has a way on […]

Growing up, when we would host my mom’s side of the family for Christmas dinner, there were basically only two things we could all agree to have on the TV. The History Channel or The Barrett Jackson auctions. Except this year, I really don’t think I can take any more tales of tribulations throughout history […]

Performance SUVs are here to stay, and it’s time we car enthusiasts accept that for a few reasons. For one, like it or not, 80 per cent of vehicles sold in Canada today are light trucks and SUVs. While our northern climate leads us to trend more heavily in this direction, we’re certainly not the […]

Generally, at this time of year, I write a column based on the wonderful holiday song, Driving Home for Christmas, written and performed by Chris Rea. That is usually the only reference to cars or driving you will find. I’m driving home for Christmas I can’t wait to see those faces This started years ago […]