Automotive news

For years, automobile manufacturers have known that one of the best ways to move product is to win a car race. There was an expression in NASACAR that worked for years: “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” But that meant having to beat other OEMs, which didn’t always happen. One day, years ago, some genius […]

The new Toyota Mirai is now on sale. But sadly, not here. Not yet. Toyota’s second-generation hydrogen fuel cell car, the Mirai, was unveiled at last fall’s Tokyo Motor Show. Seldom have I seen an unveiling that was more breathtaking, or which more accurately foretold the future of the automobile. We weren’t allowed to drive […]

Manual transmissions have pretty much gone the way of the dodo bird. They used to account for over half of all new car sales. That number has dropped to low single digits, as automatics not only offer more ease of driving, but with more ratios – up to 10 speeds – they now often deliver […]

History hasn’t been kind to Chrysler over their decision to use the goodwill earned by their most popular brand to dress up their most lowly. The execrable “mall-rated” Dodge Caliber-based Compass and Patriot represent a low point in Jeep’s storied history and one best consigned to the scrap heap. So you’d think Ford would have […]