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To be all things to all people isn’t easy, but it’s a challenge that the Toyota Corolla has taken on year after year with great success. The Corolla sold over 1.5 million copies globally in 2019, and is on track to hit 50-million all-time sales since it debuted back in 1966. It is to automobiles […]

When I heard the Oshawa GM car assembly plant was reopening, I was genuinely happy for the 2,500 employees who had lost their jobs two years prior. This was also good news for Canadian labor, especially during a global pandemic crisis where jobs are scarce, let alone saving a manufacturing facility that’s been building GM […]

It’s tough to find a bare-bones car these days. Even the least expensive models, often parked at the far reaches of a dealer’s lot, are often still equipped with features only found on luxury models just a few short years ago. In today’s market, affordability doesn’t always equate to cheapness. Nowhere is this ethos more […]

While some may say Dec. 21 is too late to start your Christmas shopping, we’re pretty confident that most of those people talk one way, but act very differently ergo they’re just starting their shopping now, just like almost everyone else. As my esteemed colleague Norris McDonald says: December 25th just has a way on […]