No, electric vehicle sales will not slow down in 2024.

There is an unwritten rule in the media world that says the voices we hear the most are those of dissatisfied people, and it’s true. We are more likely to express our dissatisfaction than our satisfaction. This also applies to electric vehicles, whose popularity continues to grow despite what their critics may say.

The latest proof of this comes courtesy of the American analysis firm J.D. Power, which has just released its projections for electric vehicle sales in the United States in 2024. And its conclusion is simple: electric vehicles will account for 12% of the entire American automobile market in 2024, and will rise to 18% of the market in 2025. This is essentially a growth rate that should allow the United States to approach the target set for 2030, where it is hoped that half of the vehicles sold will be zero-emission.

The good news for us in Quebec and Canada is that this electric shift in our southern neighbors will inevitably lead the industry in that direction. We therefore expect manufacturers to continue to offer more electrified models, regardless of what we see or read on social media. And some of these vehicles will be reserved for the Canadian market, which will increase choice for our drivers as well.

Obviously, not everything is perfect during this transition. This is actually the second conclusion reached by J.D. Power in its forecasts. The organization notes that people in the United States who already drive electric vehicles are dissatisfied with the availability of public charging, which is not very extensive or reliable. There are few charging stations in the United States, and their maintenance is lacking.

The immediate consequence is that manufacturers have decided to invest in their own public charging networks, and these networks should begin to emerge as early as this year.

In other words, there will be more electric vehicles sold in the United States this year (and in Canada), and the public charging infrastructure should also improve.

The text “Non, les ventes de véhicules électriques ne ralentiront pas en 2024” is from “L’annuel de l’automobile – Actualité automobile.”