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Jaguar F-Type 2024: Some goodbyes are harder than others

Every year, some models leave the market. It’s the nature of the automotive world. In many cases, we see these models go without much thought. Often, the model reaching the end of its cycle is no longer relevant, or it is simply replaced by another model that is more current. The departure of the Dodge […]

The Kia Carnival offers a hybrid version for 2025.

The Carnival 2025 retains the standard V6 engine but offers a hybrid option. The exterior design is closely related to the new Sorento. The Carnival also includes Highway Driving Assist 2 and a new entertainment system for rear seats. Kia unveiled the new Carnival 2025 at the Chicago Auto Show, adding an available hybrid powertrain, […]

1970 Ford Torino GT convertible for sale: a rarity on the market

When looking for a vintage car, it’s always exciting to come across rarer vehicles. These offer a certain exclusivity, which is doubly fun when attending summer car shows. The 1970 Ford Torino GT convertible we found is for sale and definitely falls into this category. Torinos in general are rare on the roads. While you […]

Honda CR-V hybrid

Automakers who oppose the electrification of the automobile often argue (incorrectly, when looking at the numbers) that buyers are simply not interested in purchasing an electric car.

Volkswagen is also venturing into generative AI

There has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence since the launch of the ChatGPT application in November 2022, which is capable of understanding and generating text or images in an automated way, and the automotive industry is not immune to this trend. These days, it’s Volkswagen’s turn to venture into this field.