1970 Ford Torino GT convertible for sale: a rarity on the market

When looking for a vintage car, it’s always exciting to come across rarer vehicles. These offer a certain exclusivity, which is doubly fun when attending summer car shows.

The 1970 Ford Torino GT convertible we found is for sale and definitely falls into this category.

Torinos in general are rare on the roads. While you may come across some coupes, in the case of sedans, station wagons, and convertibles, we are talking about extremely rare bugs.

Therefore, when a model like this one appears for sale somewhere, it certainly catches attention.

The vehicle we spotted is located in Denison, Texas, and is owned by a dealer, Main Street Motors Denison. A quick look at their Facebook page reveals some interesting pieces for sale, such as a Plymouth Prowler or a recent generation Toyota FJ Cruiser.

As for the Torino, it still has its original engine, a 302 cubic inch V8 that offered 220 horsepower at the time. It was possible to opt for a 351 cubic inch V8 (with two-barrel carburetor) that offered 250 horsepower for a little more acceleration. For sharper performance, a version with a four-barrel carburetor was available, increasing power to 300 hp. For the ultimate power under the hood, the 429 cubic inch V8 Cobra was available with 360 hp.

The GT series was the top of the Torino family line. The model for sale comes with a three-speed Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission. This was a $201 option in 1970. The model came standard with a three-speed manual transmission, and an extra option was available for a fourth gear at an additional cost ($239 with the 351 cubic inch V8).

In addition to the regular Torino features, GT versions provided added luxury and equipment, including a hood with an air intake, chrome trim on the wheels, interior reading lights, extra carpets, more padded seats, GT logos, and 15-inch wheels.

Regarding the offered model, it is mentioned that the engine runs perfectly and the transmission shifts smoothly. The car even has air conditioning ($389 at that time) and power windows ($105). It was repainted a few years ago but is otherwise in original condition, appearing in good condition.

The seats have also been redone, and the convertible top is new. The odometer shows a mileage of 91,822 miles, which seems very authentic.

This Torino GT is offered at a price of $23,900, which is not bad considering it is a convertible and a model that was produced in only 3939 units. In 1970, the price for this version was $3,212.

Certainly, it makes you dream of summer.